Alte Liebe

"Alte Liebe" aims to be a digital audiovisual piece that brings together the story of three great musicians, told first hand by themselves from information gathered in their letters, and on the other hand a virtual concert hall where you can listen to some of the main works of these three composers.

With the project Alte Liebe, Bórea presents a different interactive experience where the viewer will not only be immersed in a story, in which he will discover the exciting lives of three of the most important figures of German Romanticism, but will also be able to choose the point of view that the story will be told. Thus, Alte Liebe is separated into three different stories: one centered on the figure of Clara Schumann, another on her husband Robert, and another on Johannes Brahms.

After a survey of more than 300 people from all over Europe in May 2020, we came to the conclusion that a large part of the population without classical musical training does not attend concerts because they do not understand the music. We asked ourselves how to approach this audience and how to make them more interested and involved in classical music. One of the most fascinating aspects of classical music is its abstract communication of feelings. How can we listen to and understand the expression of a 19th century love song without understanding its language and context?

Romantic Love

The topic of love is an undeniable fact in all the musical literature of the 19th century, and the Lied is one of the most exploited genres. Most of these songs teach us love from a male point of view. We wanted to focus on a female figure - Clara Schumann, who shows a different point of view from the usual one. To do so, we wanted to get to know the protagonists of her story more deeply by creating three different narratives: one centred on the figure of Clara Schumann, another on her husband Robert Schumann, and another on Johannes Brahms, who was involved with them both and with Clara especially after her husband`s death.

"Alte Liebe" means "old love" in German. It is also a Lied composed by Johannes Brahms to a poem by Carl Candidus. Brahms also expressed his will, that the composition is to be sung in front of Clara Schumann. We believe that there is no better way to start this adventure and to bring this intriguing love triangle and our interpretation of this story to different audiences and by that possibly expand this universal and wonderful art that is classical music.


    „I wish to lead a life free from care, and I see that I shall be unhappy if I cannot always work at my art.“
    Clara Schumann