Bórea is a chamber music group founded with the purpose of exploring innovative interaction models with the audience and creating novel experiences by integrating digital media into classical music. The project's core focus is to emphasize the significance of drawing the esteemed historical composers closer to the public, facilitating a deeper comprehension of their lives, not only within their historical context but also on a personal level. Through the utilization of biographical and epistolary resources, the ensemble weaves a narrative that interlinks the personal experiences of these composers with their artistic creations.

The ensemble is composed of three members: Clara Mascaró (viola), Julia Caro (cello), and Brais González (piano). Clara and Julia initially crossed paths while pursuing their music performance studies. Under the guidance of the Quiroga String Quartet, they cultivated a profound passion for chamber music, sparking the inception of the idea to establish a professional ensemble in the future. Following several years of dedicated study and skill refinement abroad, in 2019, they reunited to form Bórea, joined by pianist Brais González.

Their inaugural project, Alte Liebe, has two distinct dimensions. Alte Liebe Online is an interactive documentary that delves into Clara Schumann's persona and her intricate relationships with both her husband Robert and Johannes Brahms. On the other hand, Alte Liebe Live involves live concerts that create an innovative experience through the use of electronics, letter readings, a larger stage space and interactive elements. The ensemble's project aims to employ contemporary digital media to offer insights into the compositions of these three musicians, immersing the audience in their contextualized lives as illuminated by their correspondence and biographies. The project encompasses original ensemble repertoire and arrangements crafted by Brais González, featuring select pieces from these three composers.

Commencing from 2019, they have convened in diverse European cities to undertake various recording projects. Their most recent undertaking, which received funding from the Salzburg City Council, was performed at the Frohnburg Saal of the Mozarteum University. The ensemble's artistic residency in 2021 was hosted in the Swiss city of Lucerne, with violinist and violist Isabelle van Keulen at the HSLU assuming the role of mentor. Additionally, the group proudly received the  iPortunus grant from the European Union in 2021 and the Café Bauhaus award from EUYO in 2022.

Julia Caro


She completed her Master's degree in 2022 at the Music University in Lucerne, mentored by the esteemed cellist Christian Poltéra.

Her profound passion for chamber music led her to co-found the ensemble Bórea. She has had the privilege to collaborate with distinguished musicians. In addition to her roles in chamber music, she actively collaborates with prominent orchestras including the Swiss Orchestra, Kammerph. Graubünden or OSE. Her musical experience has also earned her invitations to chamber music festivals like Zermatt Festival.

She was member of GMJO and Accademia Teatro alla Scala (solo cello). She has showcased her skills in professional orchestras, notably the Staatskapelle Dresden.

Brais González


Brais González (Vigo, 1987) studied at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg with Rolf Plagge, completing his education at the Conservatories of Vigo and Oviedo. He was awarded, among others, at the City of San Sebastian International Competition, the Cidade de Ferrol International Competition, Ricard Viñes de Lleida Competition or IV Concours International Nikolaï Rubinstein of Paris.

He has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in about twenty European countries. As a composer, his works have been performed on important venues of the continent, such as Conde Duque (Madrid), KUMU (Estonia), Baltais Fligelis (Latvia), or Flux (Budapest). In 2022 he premiered his first opera, Loba Branca, at Festival delle Nazione di Cittá di Castello (Italy).

Clara Mascaró


In 2013, Clara Mascaró began her studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón. She pursued a Master's at Mozarteum University Salzburg under Veronika Hagen. Clara's orchestral journey included SHMF, GMJO and EUYO. Since 2017, she's been a viola tutti in Spanish orchestras like RTVE, Orquesta del Palau de Les Arts, and OSCYL.

She is a substitute member at Camerata Salzburg and was an academician at Philharmonie Salzburg. Notably, she joined FKO in 2021 and OSIB in 2022.

Clara also presented solo performances, including Telemann and Hoffmeister Viola Concertos with Orquesta de Cambra de Mallorca. Her repertoire includes the Brandenburg Concerto with Philharmonie Salzburg and Bartók's Viola Concerto with Orquesta Nacional Simón Bolívar de Venezuela.